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The heart touching book “American Dirt” is penned by the well known author “Jeanine Cummins” that breifly explore the lives of migrants, the hurdles they are facing during journey in an un known place. It is published in 2020 by Head Line Publishing Group and the book has 400 pages to its credit. Basically there are three main characters, wife “Lydia Quixano perez” her husband and eight years old sun named as Luca. This book express the complete story of migrants and there efforts to seeking a better life in an un known place, culture and society.


The lady “Lydia Quixano perez” lives in “Acapulco” a Maxican city, by profession she is a owner of booksstore. Her husband is a Journalist and she has a eight years old son name as “Luca”, Luca is her mothers apples of eyes, she loves hin too much and cant think to spend a moment without him. One day Lydia,s husband exposed the leader of drug Cartels “Javier” that is published. After the publication of this story, Lydia and her son Luca became targated by the gang and Lydia fell uncomfortable, after a long observation she decide to migrate united states. She belives that in United State “Javier” can not threads them and they can spend their lives in a cofort zone with out ant sort of distortion and tension. Basically the book “American Dirt” identifies three basic things, the very first thing is “Migration”, we know that what difficulty does face any of migrant to find a better life in a new place in a different culture, noms and belives. Lydia and Luca both are force to leave their loved hometown. they face many of problems along with hunger, poverty and life uncertanity. The second thing is dislocation or displacement.Lydia and Luca are forced to leave their homecity and society,after this situation they are bound to find a better place for the sake of spend their life in an appropireate and comfortable manner. We realized that how difficult for them to adjust themselves to settle their lives in an un known culture. The finnal thing is searching for a better life. Lydia and Luca are willing to find a better area to spend there lives safely and happy. Many people make criticism on this book, according to them though this book the author manipulated the Maxican culture but on the other hand the authors intention was clear that he want to engage their reader no thing else.


“American Dirt” shows the over all conditions and hurdles that the migrants face during the period of migration perfectly. The book also expose the mental and physical condition of a persons who are forced to leave there beloved home town.In this book, the author gives a source of hope and self confidance taht difficulties must come for a moments, not for all time. the writing style, plot and character development is well sattled. This book helps to enhance the level of hope and fight against the hurdles completely.

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