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One of the most intresting book named as “Bad Dad” that is written by David Walliams, is a fantastic children book. It focus on pleasing, strong connection, and solid relationship in between the familly. This book also indicates the difference among wrong and right activities and there long term repercussions. It is published in 2019 by HarperCollins publication limitted and it has 422 total pages. The book belongs to children story and novel by genre and category. There are basically two main characters, the Dad named as “Gilbert” and his son “Frank”.


The book “Bad Dad” is a story of a young cliver and intelligent boy. Gilbert is a driver whose life is in trouble and takes an unexpected turn that he did not think ever, when he was falsely improisoned for a bank robery that he did not committed. The son Frank heared about the uncertained news regarding his father, he did not wast any single second, Frank decided and mently prepared to go against all hurdles and he wants to take his father his father out from preson, this act of Frank shows how strong the relationship among him and his beloved father and this is one of the strenght of this book. The father Gilbert wants to regain the trust of his son that he is not guilty and the son committed to release his father, this shows the strong connection between the relations specially among the famillies. On the other hand the writing style of the book is amazing, the funny moments, tensions in story, commedy and emotional indepth makes this book an intresting. “Bad Dad” is enjoyable read for both young and adults becouse it gives a lession of loyalty and strong relationship among family.


The book “Bad Dad” tells us about the strong connection and bounding of relations rather those are in face of freindship or family, the loyaty and trust takes a huge effects on them. At the end this book teach us about the lession of patience, forgiveness, give second chance to tham who admitted there mistakes and bend towards right things and avoid wrong doings. The book “Bad Dad” also show the power of love and determination, thats very fruitful to all readers that they can get a lession of strongness in between relationships and its impect on once life. Finally the plot,writing style and characters are seems to well developed in this book.

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