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“Before the Coffee Gets Cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, is a gripping and emotionally filled story that takes reader on a unique journey through time, wrapped in the warm embrace of a small Tokyo café. The novel explores the deep needs, regrets, and connections that define the human experience, all against the backdrop of a century-old coffee shop with a supernatural twist. At the centre of the story are four unique characters, each looking for peace, closure, or the opportunity to alter history by taking advantage of the café’s unusual offer: the ability to travel back in time. The café’s attraction stems from its ability to satisfy a deep-seated need that each guest possesses. Kawaguchi expertly connects the characters’ stories, allowing readers to become absorbed in their deepest yearnings. The text is sensitive and thoughtful, illustrating the complicated feelings that each person experiences. The author portrays the weight of sorrow and the strength of the human spirit via captivating storytelling, allowing readers to reflect on their own life and the decisions they’ve made. The laws of the café create a sense of mystery and tension as the leads embark on their temporal excursions. Customers must take a certain seat, stay within the café’s boundaries, and return to the current moment before their coffee cools. These restraints heighten the tension as each character struggles with their own limitations and attempts to balance hope and truth. Kawaguchi’s time travel research is surprisingly personal rather than scientific. Instead of focusing on the mechanics of time travel, the story focuses on the mental and psychological consequences of changing the past. The characters’ past experiences cause them to make unexpected discoveries about themselves and their relationships, leading them to confront the difficult nature of their wants and the irreversibility of certain actions. Geoffrey Trousselot’s version preserves the fine nuances of the original Japanese text, allowing the characters’ feelings and intricacies to come through. The pace of the story is slow, allowing readers to savour the depth of each scene and absorb the profound truths that follow. “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” is a moving study of the human condition, the weight of unspoken words, and the ephemeral nature of time. Kawaguchi challenges readers to consider what they would do if given the opportunity to rewrite their own past, forcing them to wrestle with the line between acceptance and transition. The ageless ideas of the book reverberate long after the final page turns, leaving an indelible impact on the reader’s heart. “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi is a brilliantly produced story which conveys the core of human longing and those delicate strands that link us to our pasts. The book presents a poignant study of the age-old question: What would you alter if you got to go back in time? through its lyrical wording, well-defined characters, and inspiring premise. It’s a must-read for anyone looking for a moving and profound trip into the realms of retention, regret, and the unalterable links of love.

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