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The book named as “Being Mortal” written by “Atul Gawande” is the study of the current reality of olders, morality and evolving world of medicine. By profession “Atul Gawande” was a surgeon, examines his own experience and knowledge with death and dying, as well as those of his patients and familly members. On the othe side he also looks that how medicine had changed our understanding of death and dying, and how our ideas and thinking about death have changed for the passage of time. The books main issue moving on a circle the conflict between the usage of medicine to extend the life and quality of that life. The author also talks about the histry of aging and healthcares impect on once life.In this book the author “Atul Gawande” compare the traditional way of aging life standerd and modern ways of care and facilities like home nurcing care and door step available facilities. He claims scientifically that the aged peoples could survive and enjoy their lives through freedom in thei decesion making, interconneted with other peoples and maintain their daily routine. This book has 282 pages and published in 2015 by “Profile Books”. By genrey or category this book belongs to non fiction and health care. Each and every thing is settled well in this book that makes it more catchy and intresting for the readers.


“Being Mortal” goes into the hurdles faced by doctors, particularly in the time of addressing the desires and needs of patients when they are on bad in hospital in illness situations. “Atul Gawande” addressing his personal life experiences and conversations with those patient who are fighting with their lives and death. Along with he also discuss the problems that doctors and paramedical staff facing durning the treatment of critical patients. The author also talks about the aged human beings that the freedom should be given to tham in decision making process, treatment process and dailly routine process, it inhance their immunity and ways of surviving. This book is divided into three sections and the for most one is problem.”Gawande” believes that humans have become completely disconnected from the facts of passing away which has resulted in a variety of issues such as medicalized death, protracted passing away, and caretaker sickness. Solution is the second part of this book, provides a new condition of realizing about death and dying. .”Gawande” contends that we must have to accept the reality of death that it one day we all have to passed away and its a natural process.He also advocates for an increased helpful strategy for death care, one that stresses ease and standard of life over life extension at any expense. “Gawande” promotes multiple changes, including improving the way we discuss death, offering more funeral service education for doctors and nurses, and creating more hospital spaces. among the many essential points Gawande makes is that people must change our ideas about eldercare facilities. We must shift our perspective from considering of them as homes in which individuals go to die to thinking of these as homes where people may reside well. This entails establishing more homelike situations that foster dignity and self-determination. It also means offering care that is personalized to each people’s specific needs.Gawande contends that we must have more transparent and open discussions about death and dying. He feels that it’s the only means by which to assure that we receive the care we need and require near the end of our lives. He also promotes the implementation of funeral directives, which are legal papers that make it possible for people to express their preferences for dying-related services.It is an appealing and significant work that presents critical concerns about how we ought to think regarding aging, death, and dying. Gawande does a wonderful job of blending the medical because private, though he ever avoids the serious difficulties which we all confront as we age.


“Being Mortal” is a difficult book to read, but it is essential. It’s a book that will stick with you even after you’ve completed it. I definitely suggest this book if you want to learn about the topics of aging, mortality, and care for the dying. We have to modify our views toward dying and getting older. They must be viewed as natural components of life rather than something to be dreaded or ignored. We have to value the standards of life over simple life extension. This entails concentrating on living a life of significance, even if it involves accepting some constraints. We need to conduct more open discussions about dying. We need to communicate about our medical preferences so that our family comprehends what really want. A more caring and patient-focused approach to healthcare is required. This entails prioritizing the needs of the patient and giving them with the knowledge and guidance they require to make educated decisions about their treatment.Over all this book is full of knowlwdge and informations, it also compare completely the post and modern ways of living and concepts specially in the feild of medical and treatement.

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