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“Busted” is a book that offers practical advice and guidance for those who find themselves in trouble with the law due to drug-related offenses. The book is co-authored by M. Chris Fabricant, a seasoned criminal defense attorney, and R. Crumb, an acclaimed cartoonist. The book is divide into several chapters, each addressing a specific issue relate to drug busts, arrests, and legal procedures. This review provides an overview of the book and its key features.


The book opens with an introduction that highlights the importance of being inform about the law and the potential consequences of drug-relate offenses. The authors emphasize that drug offenses can have serious legal and social ramifications, and that it is crucial to seek legal advice in case of an arrest or legal trouble.

The book is dividedinto six main chapters, each addressing a specific aspect of drug-related offenses. These chapters are titled as follows:

  1. “Before the Bust”
  2. “The Bust”
  3. “After the Bust”
  4. “The Drug Bust Attorney”
  5. “Fighting the Bust”
  6. “The Rush Limbaugh Story”

Each chapter provides detailed information and advice on how to navigate the legal system and handle drug-related charges effectively. The book covers a wide range of topics, from how to avoid getting caught with drugs, to what to do when you are arrest, to how to fight the charges in court.

Key Features

  1. Practical Advice: “Busted” is a practical guide that offers useful advice and tips for those who are facing drug-related charges. The book provides step-by-step guidance on what to do before, during, and after a drug bust, as well as how to handle legal proceedings effectively.
  2. Expert Insights: The book is co-authore by M. Chris Fabricant, a criminal defense attorney with years of experience in defending drug-related cases. Fabricant provides valuable insights into the legal system and offers practical advice based on his experience.
  3. Entertaining Presentation: The book is illustrate by R. Crumb, a renowned cartoonist known for his humorous and satirical style. Crumb’s illustrations provide an entertaining and engaging presentation of the book’s content, making it accessible and enjoyable to read.
  4. Wide Coverage: “Busted” covers a wide range of topics related to drug-related offenses, including drug testing, drug possession, drug trafficking, and more. The book offers comprehensive guidance on how to handle different situations that may arise when dealing with drug-related charges.
  5. Easy to Read: The book is write in a clear and concise language that is easy to understand, even for those who are not familiar with legal jargon. The chapters are well-organize and provide a logical flow of information, making it easy to follow and refer to.


Overall, “Busted” is a useful and practical guide for anyone who is facing drug-related charges. The book provides valuable insights and advice on how to navigate the legal system effectively and handle drug-related offenses. The co-authors’ combined expertise in law and art makes for an engaging and informative presentation that is both entertaining and educational. The book is recommend for anyone who wants to be informedand preparedin case of legal trouble relate to drugs.