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Chain of Gold – PDF Free Download

“Chain of Gold” is an outstanding book that circle around the Cordelia Carstairs, a Shadowhunter, comes in London with her brother Alastair in with the goal of saving their family from disrespect. Cordelia is bold, devoted, generous, and resolute, and she holds the renowned sword Cortana. She has had love with James Herondale since they were children. She is liked by the other people more than her older brother, Alastair. Her hair is long and dark red, her eyes are black, and her skin is light brown. Cordelia’s childhood friend, James Herondale, is extremely well-known and attractive. He is brilliant, and he feels disturbed by his evil blood on his mother’s side. He is engaged to be married to Grace Blackthorn, but he really loves Cordelia. The book has main character named as Lucie Herondale, Thomas Lightwood, Matthew Fairchild, Anna Lightwood and Julian Blackthorn. The story focuses around a number of evil attacks in London. The Shadowhunters have never seen anyone like these attacks before, and they quickly think someone hostile is at action. Cordelia, James, and their friends must band forces to put an end to the killings and protect London from a dark and old threat.

Cassanda Clare (Author)

Cassandra Clare was born in America on July 27, 1973 and spending time her high school years in Los Angeles, where she used to write stories to entertain her classmates, including a huge novel called “The Beautiful Cassandra” based on a Jane Austen short story of the same name (and which later inspired her current pen name). Cassie moved to Los Angeles and New York after graduation, where she worked for a lot entertainment magazines and even some questionable newspapers, reporting on Brad and Angelina’s global tours. In 2004, she began work on her YA novel, City of Bones, motivated by the urban landscape of Manhattan, her favorite city. She began writing fantasy literature full-time in 2006 and hopes that she will never have to write about Paris Hilton again. Cassie’s first literary sale was a short piece called “The Girl’s Guide to Fighting the Dark Lord” in a funny magic anthology published by Baen. Cassie hates writing alone at home since she is often distracted by reality TV shows and the funny behavior of her cats, so she prefers to write in neighborhood coffee shops and cafés. She prefers to work with her buddies, who ensure that she meets her targets. She won many award and those the some are as 2010 Georgia Peach Book Awards for Teen Readers, Finalist for the Locus Award for Best First Novel of 2007, An American Library Association Teens Top Ten Award winner, 2008, Winner of The 2010 Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award, Winner of the 2010 Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader’s Choice Award, A Texas TAYSHAS title 2010 to her credit.


Cassandra Clare’s “Chain of Gold” is an attractive young adult fiction story. Its part of her “The Last Hours” trilogy, which takes place within the same Shadow hunter universe as her earlier two books, “The Infernal Devices” and “The Mortal Instruments.” Clare paints a beautiful mix of fiction, love, and adventure in “Chain of Gold,” dragging readers into the dark the world of demon hunters and magical animals. “Chain of Gold” is a must-read for both prevalent lovers of Clare’s writing and beginners to the Shadow hunter universe, with a combination of rich individual’s complex storylines, and a touch of memory for readers of her past books.


“Chain of Gold” is set in Edwardian London and tells the events of Cordelia Carstairs, a strong Shadow hunter. Cordelia and her brother Alastair leave their home in Cornwall to seek justice in the heart of London after their father is wrongly accused of a murderous crime. Cordelia’s mother is eager to arrange her daughter’s marriage, but Cordelia has a different plan. Rather of settling into her normal role as a wife, she longs to establish herself as a hero and protector of society. Cordelia reconnects with previous friends James and Lucie Herondale in London and gets involved in the brilliant yet hazardous world of Shadow hunters, where beautiful rooms cover secrets and supernatural entities such as bloodsuckers, warlocks, sea creatures, and witches are common. Cordelia’s growing love for James, who has proposed to another woman, add to her already disconcerting life. However, when a new species of monsters start targeting London, their world turns around. The creatures in question are unlike anything they’ve ever encountered, ferocious, capable of walking in sunlight, and lethal with deadly poison. London is confined, and Cordelia and her friends realize that they have special abilities connected to a dark past. As they work to solve the puzzle of these creatures of evil, they are forced to make difficult decisions that reveal the actual cost of bravery.


“Chain of Gold” explores into multiple major subjects. The quest for self and power is one of the primary themes. Cordelia Carstairs breaks social norms by wanting to be an icon rather than a bride. Her story echoes the continuous struggle for women’s rights and freedom in an era when social norms were inflexible. The bonds of friendship and devotion are also important elements in the story, as the individuals have to manage intricate relationships and make painful decisions to defend their loved ones. Challenge tests the relationships built among the young Shadow hunters, showing the need of solidarity in the face of disaster. As people fight with their chose positions and the decisions they must make to shape their own destinies, the theme of fate against choice returns. Love and commitment are thoroughly discussed, illustrating what compromises people are ready to make for their own benefit and for the people they love over.

Writing Style

Cassandra Clare’s writing style in “Chain of Gold” is rich and informative, creating and draw a picture of Edwardian London and the Shadow hunters’ amazing world. Her writing is interesting, and she has a talent for developing unique, complex people with different personalities and agendas. Clare’s ability to blend action, love, and complex narrative turns keeps the reader interested from beginning to end.


The characters in “Chain of Gold” are established and practical, which is one of the film’s highlights. Clare succeeds at developing heroes with depth, weaknesses, and real difficulties, allowing readers to easily relate with them. The Shadow hunter Chronicles’ deeply developed world-building gives a realistic feel to the plot. The story contains unexpected twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats.


The plot of “Chain of Gold” is an emotional journey of action and suspense. It begins with an exciting story the appearance of new, dangerous creatures in London and keeps readers wondering as Cordelia and the others struggle to find the truth about this magical threat. The flow of the story is balanced, with heart-pounding action mixed with softer character-centered sections. Clare succeeds at building tension and suspense, making it impossible to put the book down.


“Chain of Gold” is an exciting book in Cassandra Clare’s Shadow hunter the universe, combining fiction, affection, and excitement against the setting of Edwardian London. It’s a must-read for lovers of Clare’s prior works and an excellent starting point for those just starting out, with well-developed characters, advanced world-building, and a plot full of surprises. “Chain of Gold” lays the foundation for an exciting and hopeful conclusion of the Shadow hunter story as the first show in “The Last Hours” series.