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City on Fire – PDF Free Download

City on Fire is the supreme chronicle of the 2019-2020 Hong Kong demonstrations. It offers a thorough examination of the strikes, their methods, and their significance. The book has received accolades for its information, insights, and even viewpoint. City on Fire is an essential and pertinent book for anybody interested in understanding the Hong Kong demonstrations and their influence on the city, China, and the rest of the globe. This book has 290 pages and published by Scribe Publications and by genre it belongs to Human Rights and History book.

Antony Dapiran (Author)

Antony Dapiran is born on Feb 17, 1977 in Melbourne, Australia, he did his Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Chinese and Law), from university if University of Melbourne, in 1998 and also received Certificate in Economic Law and Chinese, from Peking University, in 1997. Antony Dapiran is a lawyer, writer, and photographer located in Hong Kong. He speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and has written extensively about China and Hong Kong. His work has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The South China Morning Post, Nikkei Asia Review, Hong Kong Free Press, News Corp’s Business Spectator, ArtAsiaPacific, and the China Blog of the Los Angeles Read over of Books. He is Longlisted for the Walkley Book Award for Non-Fiction, 2020. Dapiran appears often on television and radio, including the BBC, CNN, CNBC, and Australia’s ABC. He also serves on the Hong Kong Free Press’s expert council. Dapiran is an outspoken supporter of democracy and human rights in Hong Kong. His writing has been lauded for its clarity, intelligence, and bravery.


“City on Fire” by Antony Dapiran is a joining examination of Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy demonstrations. Dapiran, a long-time resident and keen viewer of the city, provides a unique viewpoint on these important events. The book digs into the demonstrations’ origins, demonstrators’ methods, the cultural environment, and the broader consequences for Hong Kong, China, and worldwide.


“City on Fire” covers Hong Kong in the volatile summer of 2019, when anti-government rallies erupted into a pro-democracy campaign. The idea for a transfer bill was the spark that sparked massive public anger. Dapiran extensively analyses the protests’ evolution, highlighting the “Be water!” attitude, which encouraged adaptation and diffused leadership among protestors. Beyond what appears, the book delves into the historical context of dissent in Hong Kong as well as the cultural components that drove the protests. Dapiran also raises key issues regarding the demonstrations’ long-term consequences. He investigates how they affect Hong Kong’s autonomy, China’s influence over the city, and China’s position in world politics. The book provides a complete description of the riots and their relevance in the larger economic context.


The plot of “City on Fire” mirrors the timeline of the 2019 Hong Kong demonstrations. It all starts with the problematic abduction law and the early public reaction. Dapiran expertly guides readers through major events, from the initial protests and fights with police to the creation of the “Be water!” campaign and the encampment of key metropolitan regions. Dapiran weaves historical context throughout the narrative, addressing Hong Kong’s history of resistance and its distinct identity. He also explores how digital platforms such as Facebook are used to mobilize protests and shape how they operate. The plot is more than just a straight narrative; it delves into the personal experiences of participants, the cultural significance of the activity, and the intricate global relationships at work.


Democracy and Autonomy

The fundamental focus of the book is Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy and autonomy. Demonstrations reflected Hong Kongers’ desire to safeguard their particular way of life and fight Beijing’s invasions on their freedoms.

Youth Activism

Another important subject is the involvement of young people in organizing protests. The “Be water!” philosophy mirrored the protestors’ young vitality and commitment.

Identity and Culture

Dapiran delves at how the protests were firmly ingrained in Hong Kong’s distinct identity and culture. The cause was heavily influenced by the city’s the past, language, and ideals.

Global Politics

The book digs into the global repercussions of the demonstrations, particularly in terms of China’s international position.

Writing Style

Antony Dapiran’s writing style is interesting and thorough. To present a full view of the protests, he integrates eyewitness stories, conversations, historical evaluation, and cultural reflections. His prose appeals to both broad readers and those who a keen interest in the subject. Dapiran’s work is also profoundly resonant, portraying the demonstrators’ enthusiasm and resilience, as well as the tension on Hong Kong’s streets. He successfully blends narration and analysis, resulting in an engaging read.


Comprehensive Analysis

Dapiran’s book is the deepest and thorough examination of the 2019 Hong Kong protests accessible. It not only gives a detailed account of the protests, but also delves into their fundamental origins and long-term ramifications.

Insider Perspective

As an ongoing Hong Kong homeowner, Dapiran adds significant insights and an in-depth comprehension of the city’s politics to the story.

Balanced Approach

During the book, the author keeps an even and impartial viewpoints, giving readers with a fair appraisal of the events, their impact, and the issues confronting both demonstrators and authorities.


Given current events in Hong Kong and China, “City on Fire” is extremely important for comprehending the growing scenario and has broader global implications.



For readers looking for a more basic review of the demonstrations the book’s broad scope may be daunting. Some people may find the level of detail difficult to digest.


Limited after September 2021 The book’s data is limited to September 2021, which means it does not address what happened in Hong Kong after that date.


Antony Dapiran’s “City on Fire” is an excellent description of the 2019 Hong Kong riots. It provides a thorough, thoroughly researched, and emotionally riveting examination of the incidents, their roots, and their far-reaching consequences. Dapiran’s intimate perspective, balanced attitude, and smart analysis make this book a must-read for everyone interested in the protests, Hong Kong’s democratic struggle, and the broader ramifications for world politics. While its complexity may be difficult for certain readers, its value and timeliness remain as Hong Kong navigates its complicated relationship with mainland China. “City on Fire” is a definitive book that sheds light on an important period in Hong Kong the past, and it will surely be a key source for years ahead.