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One of the fantastic and catchy book named as “Emma” written by the well-known and renowned author “Jane Austen”. It was first published in 1815 and the basic theme is investigation of human nature, relationships and social expectations in early nineteen century in English Country sides. Basically the book has well developed characters along with theme and plot that makes the book more interesting for all types of the readers. In this book the author does not used jargons and complex research work that every one of reader can easily read and understand it. The book “Emma” is filled with moral lesson, social interaction benefits and loyalties long term pros. So, the book has 431 pages to its credit and published in 2018 by Global Grey Publication. Due to its perfection and well organization it attract and caught the huge peoples towards it.


The story of book began with “Emma” a young energetic, wealthy and intelligent women who love and enjoy matchmaking. She is motivated that she has a capacity and capability for it, and she sets out to find suitable and comfortable matches for her friends and others. Emma’s foolish attempt to match her friend Harriet Smith, a sweet but socially inferior young woman of unknown parentage, with the pleasant Mr. Elton, the village’s suitable clergyman, is at the center of the story. In the situation of Harriet Smith, Emma is motivated that Smit is in love with Mr. Elton a wealthy, handsome and eligible bachelor. She encourages Harriet and trying to motivate her that Mr. Elton is a smart, nice, educated and intelligent man and fit for you at any angle. She goes so far as to write a love letter to Mr. Elton on Harriet’s behalf. However the overall situation is different here in this story that Mr. Elton is fall in love with Emma that she does not knows, Mr. Elton actually use Harriet to make foolish and jealous Emma. Emma’s interfere eventually leads to Mr. Elton proposing to Harriet, but Harriet does not accepted his proposal. This mortification causes Mr. Elton to leave Highbury in anger. Although Emma is in tragic that she is unable to meet his two of friends and they sprite suddenly and Emma accept his big failure. The main theme of this book is the danger of pride and unfounded opinions. In this story Emma is a well-educated and well aware women but due to arrogance and self-centered, she always considered as wrong and foolish. She is in her intention that only she knows what is good and what is harmful for others. She also unwilling to listen others advice and point of views towards anything. These little but harmful habits of Emma, leads her a series of mistakes which ultimately cause her pain and embarrassment.


The book “Emma” is truly fantastic and remarkable book that offers the reader of every ages. The book is funny, thought provoking and heart warmining, that talks the lesion of emotional balance, emotional intelligence, sense of humor and respect others opinions. The one and only lesion that this is talk about is the decision making powers of women in early 19th. The marriage was considered one of the important factor for women could do. That was only way to secure their financial feature and social status. As a result women were always force to get marry with man. Also the women were not give their inherent properties, which is against by any law. So finally the book “Emma” is well developed book, the authors hard work and personal research make this book as attractive.

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