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The fantastic and catchy book “Empire of Storms” is written by “Sarah J Mass”.
Network Best Selling Throne of glass series.
Fifth Book in the Throne of Glass Series.


“Empire of Storms” is circle around the story of a young, strong and intelligent woman Aelin Galathynos. Her main ambition is an attempt to save her Kingdom, protect her people and fight with the strong forces who used to threaten her world. The book has 693 total pages and published in 2015 by Bloomsbury Children Book. The book is having strong characters, exciting plot, well organized themes, effective and interesting writing style and satisfying conclusion. All of these characteristics makes this book easy and interesting for the all kinds of readers.


The book “Empire of Storms” Aelin Galathynius is fall into a tragic and uncomfortable conditions because her arduous path or road towards the throne is as finished. She is going to face a lot of huge hurdles and complications along this road, on the other hand loyalty and relationships have changed, friends have been picked up, and loss and also the gap between with and without power get larger. After these uncertain situations, Alien become closed to the king Rowan, her devotion is sworn or oath to the people as her commitments is to protect the people. So she begins to safe the people, her loved one and kingdom with her strong powers and she than made it her mission. The evils forces wants to take over her worlds because they are full with crimes and unlawful violations, they can come and create a risk and uncertainty. The uncertainty and uncomfortably rise day by day, Aelin and her allies thinks to build a strong relationships and bounding and fight with the opposition. On this condition the general masses begins a strong relationships and commitments, this situation makes the story more in depth and complex to the readers. The story of the book is progress and continuous, the dirty plans of their opposition come out, Aelins and her allies live is on a test mode, specification must be made at that situation. With commitments and loyalty Aelin face many of problems and difficulties, she faced with the most complex decision of her life. So the feature of Erilea is at danger, there is no any other option to safe her except take an action and that could mark the end of Aelins love and beloved one. The book “Empire of Storms” the author “Sarah J Mass” introduce the themes that bound the readers to read this book with interest and critical eyes, such themes are as, love, loyalty, relationship, strong soundings, scarifications, commitments, friendship, conflict and politics.


“Empire of Storms” by “Sarah J Mass” is great, interesting and catchy book. The book has containing everything that a readers wants in fantasy novel, action, adventure, romance, magic and mystery. The plot of the book is well developed well, characters are placed in an organized position and conclusion and ending point of the book is beautiful and the whole book is full of twist and turns. Once who open the book, he never close it till he reached its final page.

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