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André Aciman’s best book “Find Me” is an amazing and emotionally dramatic sequel that examines the lives of Elio and Oliver, the leads who won our hearts in “Call Me By Your Name.” Aciman takes readers on a journey that intertwines the past and present, delivering a melancholy contemplation on the eternal nature of connection, with exquisite prose and a perceptive investigation of the intricacies of love, desire and the motion of time. The book portrays itself as an extension of the story, however it departs from the setting of Elio and Oliver’s passionate summer romance in a sun-drenched Italian villa. “Find Me” jumps ahead several years to find Elio living in Paris. As he struggles with having a connection with an older man, he has moved on, or at least attempted to. However, the shadow of his past hangs over him, and Elio’s thoughts are still trapped by his recollections of Oliver. Aciman expertly conveys a character trapped between the tug of nostalgia and the search of fresh sensations.As he decides to leave New York, Oliver, now a college professor, husband, and parent, is on the verge of change. The tale depicts his internal struggle, the tug of feelings that return as he confronts the inevitability of change, in an elegant manner. Aciman’s portrayal of Oliver’s anguish is superb, eliciting pity from readers as they follow his contemplative journey.

Thebook is divided into three sections, each concentrating on a different character’s point of view: Elio, Oliver, and Elio’s father Samuel. This format allows the story to emerge from several perspectives, putting light on the complex web of emotions that binds these characters together. Aciman conveys the various shades of humanity through their individual storylines, whether it’s Elio’s restlessness, Oliver’s thoughtfulness, or Samuel’s yearning for connection in his older years. Aciman’s language is one of the book’s most fascinating qualities. His prose is beautiful, vivid, and profoundly introspective. He has an unrivaled capacity to delve into his characters’ mental landscapes, bringing their innermost thoughts and ambitions to the forefront. The story is interspersed with emotional and introspective sections that allow readers to connect with the characters on a deep level. While “Find Me” enables readers to re-acquaint themselves with famous characters, it is not merely a nostalgic retread of the past. Aciman digs into the complexities of love and relationships, exploring how they grow through time and continue to exert effect even after years have gone. The work questions the notion of closure and neatly tied endings, recognizing the importance of emotions and links. It is worth mentioning, however, that “Find Me” may not appeal to all readers in the same manner as its predecessor did. Some viewers may find the transition from the bucolic environment of “Call Me By Your Name” startling, while others may miss the intensity of Elio and Oliver’s first romance. The more pensive and contemplative tone of the story may not have the same direct emotional impact as the previous book. Nonetheless, “Find Me” is a rewarding and powerful investigation of the lingering echoes of love for those ready to engage with its characters on another level. Finally, “Find Me” is a stunning sequel that dives into the complexities of love, recall, and the ever-present pull of the past. Aciman’s writing is an emotional treasure trove, portraying the complex nature of human interactions in all their forms. While the novel does not have the same euphoric intensity as the one before it, it does provide a quieter, more introspective story that lingers with readers long beyond the last page. For fans of “Call Me By Your Name,” “Find Me” offers a chance to revisit beloved characters and follow their ongoing voyage through life’s unexpected currents.

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