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The fantastic and catchy book “Half of a Yellow Sun” is written by one of the renewed author”Chimananda Ngozi Adichie” is a dramatic and emotionally moving book, that presents the scenario of Nigerians Biafan war. The book starts in the late of 1950,s when Nigeria is still part of British colony. The book “Half of a Yellow Sun” has five characters named as Ugwu, Olanna, Richard, Kainene and Odenigbo. The themes of the book are as Love, Identity, and Repercussion of war, Colonialism, Ethnicity, Class and race. “Half of a Yellow Sun” won two of prices to its credit, the one of them is Bailys Price Beat of Best and the second is Orange Bead Band for Fiction award. The book has 433 total pages and published in 2007 by Harper Perennial. The author research and analysis, developed plot and themes, complex and critical characters, good writing styles and no extra jargons used by author makes this book than easily accessible to all types of readers.


The book “Half of a Yellow Sun” takes place in 1960 and with the lives of three characters named as Ugwu, Olanna and Richard. Ugwu is a young and simple village boy who works in the house of a university professor named as Odenigbo as a houseboy and the professor has strong political and social ideas. Olanna is a cute and well educated woman, leaves with her love Odenigbo and she enjoy her independent and most comfortable life. Richard an innocient and idealistic Englishman fall in love with Olanna,s twin sister Kainene. All of these characters are different from each other by personalities and social back grounds. Through this book the author wants to give a lesion about the social status and reaction of Nigeria from different background peoples. As the Biafan war breakout Nigeria falls apart of ethnic and political conflicts. The three friends are force to leave there beloved homes and take refuge in refugee camps. They witness firsthand the horror of the war, including killing of innocent peoples, hunger, diseases and mental pressure and torchers and the war also test their relationship and ideology. The Lgbo people, who are the residents of the southern part of united Nigeria are too much concerned about their features. They afraid that the two large ethnic groups Hausa and Yoruba will killed and marginalized them. When the 1966 military crop was unseccfull, after that incidents the many of innocent Lgbo peoples were killed and force to flee their houses. In 1967 the Lgbo people declared and announced freedom from Nigeria and Republic of Biafra, than the Nigerian Government decided to launch a military campaign against them, the war was still continue for three years and many of innocent peoples are killed and most of them are displaced.


Finally in the book “Half of a Yellow Sun” the author draws a picture of war and talk about the relations and ideas that how they work together during in an unpleasant situation particularly in war. The war between Nigria and Lgbo resulted in the killing of millions of innocent people who race their voices for independence. The Auther of the book “Half of a Yellow Sun” also express the impact of war on individuals and society, the legacy of colonialism, the importance of identity and belonging, the role of women in conflict and the power of love and hope in the face of adversity. So overall it is a heart touching book, the author complete the story perfectly with his complex characters.

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