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The book “Heart Of Darkness” written by the famous and renowed writer Joseph Conrad. This book deep into human mind, showing the blient supperation of capatalist and the curropting elite,s on power. The plot of this book set in Colonial Africa and the story of this book began with “Charles Marlow” a British soilder. One of the Trading Company named as Belgian Trading Company task Marlow to bring a ivory, So Marlow travel up through Cango river, he encounter the enigmatic Kurtz, a once-promising agent who has descended into madness and tyranny. Marlow witnesses the brutal exploitation of the African people by the European colonists.He also vitnesses that the villages burned, people enslaved and the natural beauty of world destroyed badly. The book “Heart Of Darkness” has total 85 pages and published by “Global Grey” in the year of 2018. It is an intresting and heart touching book that once open it,s first page then he stay with it till finish it.


The book “Heart Of Darkness” starts with Marlows experiences as he sits on the deck of ship and anchored in the Thames River. After arriving he recontuning his journey into the Congo, he obsrveb each and every situation and he remembered the remote part of the world due to the unpleasent conditions in Cango.According to him the African contenet is full of resources and beauty but due the European hegemony these areas are still in stone age. Marlow also describe the situatiion of native workers being overworked and abused by colonial enterprices burtality. Charles Marlow, the narrator of Heart of Darkness, is sent by the company to find Kurtz, who has been trading ivory in the Congo. Marlow is initially impressed by Kurtz’s reputation, but as he gets closer to Kurtz’s station, he begins to hear rumors of Kurtz’s brutality. When Marlow finally meets Kurtz, he is shocked to find a man who is both charismatic and insane. Kurtz has become a god to the local people, who offer him ivory and human sacrifices. He rules over them with an iron fist, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants Kurtz is a complex character. He is intelligent and smart looking, but he is also ruthless and power-hungry. He become mad to get Ivory, for this he has lost his sence and morality. Kurtz’s final words are a powerful and disturbing expression of the horror he has witnessed and experienced in the Congo. They can be interpreted in many ways, but they ultimately point to the darkness that is inherent in human nature and the destructive potential of imperialism. Marlow’s return to Europe in Heart of Darkness. He is a changed man, no longer the idealistic young sailor he was when he set out on his journey. He has seen the worst of humanity, and it has left him deeply disturbed. He is haunted by the images of the suffering he witnessed in the Congo, and he is also troubled by his own complicity in the colonial enterprise. He realizes that he has been part of a system that has exploited and dehumanized the native people of Africa.


The book “Heart Of Darkness” that show the brutal and wrost conditions of cango and how the natives survives the lives under the blient colonial system. So the central theme is the critique on European colonialism, the author also is eyewitness of the situations of the people of cango, that how they survive their precious lives under the blient colobial system, where the native worker are being overworked and abuusive language is used for them and the colonialism system leads to darkness. This book also give a lesson of humanitarian, that the basic and fundamental rights should be given to the poor peoples, such as access to education, access to choose a profession, rights of self detemination and self expression etc. Although the “Heart Of Darkness” is ever green book and the author write it with his best knowlwdge and efforts. Once a reader open the book and starts to read it, he will in touch with the book till he finished it.

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