Hitler: A Pictorial Biography

Hitler: A Pictorial Biography

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Peter Schwartz’s book “Hitler: A Pictorial Biography” is a comprehensive account of the life of one of the most notorious leaders in world history. The book is a chilling portrayal of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, his brutal reign, and his ultimate downfall.

A Detailed and Insightful Look at Hitler’s Early Years

The first section of the book provides a detailed look at Hitler’s early years. Schwartz paints a vivid picture of Hitler’s childhood and upbringing, and how his family background and early experiences influenced his worldview. The author delves into Hitler’s fascination with Germanic mythology and his failed attempts to become an artist in Vienna.

Hitler’s World War I Experiences

Schwartz provides a gripping account of Hitler’s experiences in World War I. He explores how Hitler’s experiences on the Western Front shaped his views on war and nationalism, and how he saw himself as a hero and savior of the German people.

The Rise of the Nazi Party

The book delves into the rise of the Nazi Party, and how Hitler’s oratorical skills and charismatic personality helped him gain a following. Schwartz provides insights into the Nazi Party’s ideology, and how it appealed to disaffected Germans in the aftermath of World War I.

Hitler’s Consolidation of Power

The book also covers the period of Hitler’s consolidation of power in Germany. Schwartz describes how Hitler used propaganda, intimidation, and violence to silence opposition, and how he transformed Germany into a totalitarian state. The author provides a detailed account of the Nuremberg Laws and the persecution of Jews and other minorities.

The Outbreak of World War II

Schwartz’s account of the outbreak of World War II is both informative and compelling. He describes how Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy led to the invasion of Poland and the subsequent declaration of war by France and Britain. The author also explores Hitler’s strategic mistakes, including his decision to invade the Soviet Union.

The Holocaust

Perhaps the most chilling section of the book is the one that covers the Holocaust. Schwartz provides a harrowing account of the systematic murder of millions of Jews. As well as other minorities, by the Nazi regime. He explores the role of the SS and the concentration camps in implementing Hitler’s genocidal policies.

Hitler’s Downfall and Legacy

The final section of the book covers Hitler’s downfall and legacy. Schwartz describes the Allied invasion of Germany and the eventual defeat of the Nazi regime. He also explores the question of Hitler’s legacy, and how his ideas and actions continue to influence extremist movements today.


Overall, “Hitler: A Pictorial Biography” is a gripping and chilling account of the life of one of the most evil men in history. Schwartz’s book is well-researched and informative, providing insights into the man and the regime. That caused so much destruction and misery. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the horrors of Nazi Germany and the lessons. That can be learned from this dark period of human history.