In the Crosshairs

In the Crosshairs

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Introduction to In the Crosshairs

Stephen J. Spignesi’s book “In the Crosshairs” is a comprehensive and engaging account of assassinations and assassination attempts throughout history. The book is organized into chapters based on different types of assassinations, such as political assassinations, celebrity assassinations, and assassinations by the mentally ill. Each chapter explores specific cases of assassination, providing details of the events leading up to the assassination and the aftermath.

Strengths of In the Crosshairs

One of the strengths of this book”In the Crosshairs” is its attention to detail. Spignesi provides an extensive amount of research for each assassination, including background information on the assassin and the victim, as well as the political and social context of the time. This makes for a rich and nuanced portrayal of each event, and allows the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations and consequences of each assassination.

Another strength of this book is its accessibility. Although the subject matter can be difficult and disturbing, Spignesi writes in a clear and engaging style that is easy to follow. He also includes personal anecdotes and interesting facts that help to break up the more serious subject matter and keep the reader engaged.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this book is its exploration of the psychology behind assassinations. Spignesi delves into the minds of assassins, exploring the various motivations behind their actions, from political ideologies to personal vendettas. He also examines the impact of mental illness on assassinations, and how societal attitudes towards mental illness have evolved over time.

The book also highlights the impact of assassinations on society. Spignesi examines how assassinations have shaped political and cultural landscapes. From the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the killing of John Lennon. He also looks at how the media and public react to assassinations. And how they can be used as a tool for propaganda or political gain.


One weakness of the book is that it can at times feel overly sensationalist. Spignesi occasionally uses hyperbolic language and focuses on the more gruesome aspects of assassinations. Which can be off-putting for some readers. Additionally, the book can be emotionally draining, as it deals with traumatic events and their aftermath. However, this is to be expected given the subject matter, and Spignesi does his best to balance sensitivity with accuracy.


Overall, “In the Crosshairs” is a well-researched and engaging exploration of assassinations and their impact on society. It provides a comprehensive overview of the subject matter. While also delving into the psychology behind assassinations and their lasting impact on culture and politics. While it can be difficult to read at times, it is an important and thought-provoking book. That sheds light on a dark aspect of human history.