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Infallible Vedic Remedies is a spiritual book written by Sri Swami Shantananda Puri. The book is a compilation of various remedies prescribed in the Vedic scriptures, including the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas. The author explains the science behind these remedies and how they can be used to overcome various problems in life.


The introduction of the book provides a brief overview of the Vedic scriptures and their importance in spiritual life. The author explains that the Vedic remedies are not just a collection of superstitions but are based on scientific principles. He emphasizes that the Vedic remedies are not a substitute for spiritual practice, but they can aid in spiritual progress.


The book is divided into three sections, each focusing on different aspects of life. The first section deals with remedies for physical health, the second section with remedies for mental health, and the third section with remedies for spiritual growth.

The section on physical health remedies covers a range of ailments, from minor illnesses to chronic diseases. The author provides simple remedies that can be easily implemented at home, such as the use of herbs, mantras, and specific dietary guidelines. He also emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the need for regular exercise.

The section on mental health remedies focuses on the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. The author provides remedies for depression, anxiety, and stress. He emphasizes the need for self-care, such as meditation and mindfulness practices. The author also explains how the Vedic remedies can help to cultivate inner strength and resilience.

The section on spiritual remedies provides guidance on how to overcome obstacles in the spiritual journey. The author explains the importance of spiritual practice and provides remedies for common spiritual problems such as lack of concentration, lack of faith, and spiritual stagnation. He also emphasizes the need for a guru or spiritual guide.

Writing Style:

The author’s writing style is clear and concise. He uses simple language to explain complex concepts and provides practical advice that can be easily implemented. The book is well-structured, with each section focusing on a specific aspect of life. The author also includes personal anecdotes and stories to illustrate the effectiveness of the Vedic remedies.


One of the strengths of the book is the author’s ability to explain complex concepts in simple language. The Vedic scriptures can be challenging to understand, but the author provides clear explanations and practical advice. The book is also very comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics related to physical, mental, and spiritual health. The author’s emphasis on the need for a healthy lifestyle and spiritual practice is also a strength of the book.


One weakness of the book is that some of the remedies may not be practical for everyone. For example, the author recommends fasting as a remedy for certain ailments, but this may not be feasible for everyone. The book also lacks scientific evidence to support some of the remedies, which may make some readers skeptical.


Overall, Infallible Vedic Remedies is an excellent book for anyone interested in the Vedic scriptures and their application in daily life. The author provides practical advice that can be easily implemented, and his emphasis on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and spiritual practice is refreshing. While some of the remedies may not be practical for everyone, the book provides a comprehensive guide to the Vedic remedies and their potential benefits. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in spirituality, holistic health, and self-improvement.