Jewel's Story Book

Jewel’s Story Book

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Introduction to Jewel’s Story Book

Jewel’s Story Book by Clara Louise Burnham is a collection of short stories about a little girl named Jewel, who is sent to live with her grandfather after the death of her parents. The book was first published in 1896 and has since become a classic in children’s literature. The stories follow Jewel as she navigates her new life with her grandfather, meets new friends, and learns valuable life lessons along the way.

Characters of Jewel’s Story Book

Jewel is the main character in the book and is portray as a smart, curious, and kind-hearted young girl. Despite the tragedy of losing her parents, she remains optimistic and determined to make the best of her new life. Her grandfather, Mr. Evringham, is initially portray as cold and distant. But over time, he grows to love and care for Jewel deeply. Other characters include Jewel’s friends, Mary and Cyril, and various other members of the community.


One of the main themes in Jewel’s Story Book is the power of love and family. Despite the loss of her parents, Jewel finds a new family in her grandfather and the community around her. Another important theme is the importance of perseverance and hard work. Jewel’s determination to succeed in school and in life is a constant thread throughout the book.

Writing Style

Clara Louise Burnham’s writing style is engaging and accessible to children. While still being well-craft and enjoyable for adults to read. The stories are tell from Jewel’s perspective. Which allows readers to see the world through her eyes and experience her growth and development over time. The dialogue is also well-written and adds to the overall charm of the book.


The original edition of Jewel’s Story Book included charming illustrations by Alice Barber Stephens. The illustrations are simple but effective, capturing the spirit of the stories and the characters’ emotions. While the illustrations may seem dated by modern standards. They still add to the overall charm of the book and are a nice touch for children’s literature enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

Jewel’s Story Book is a delightful read for children and adults alike. The stories are heartwarming and full of important life lessons, and the characters are relatable and endearing. Clara Louise Burnham’s writing style is engaging and accessible, and the illustrations add to the overall charm of the book. If you are looking for a classic children’s book that will stand the test of time. Look no further than Jewel’s Story Book.