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“Mr Punch’s Pocket Ibsen” is a delightful collection of parodies written by F. Anstey. This book takes the works of Henrik Ibsen, the renowned Norwegian playwright, and presents them in a comical and accessible format. With wit and humor, Anstey brings Ibsen’s plays to life, making them enjoyable for both fans of the original works and newcomers to the world of Ibsen.

Overview of the Book

Anstey’s “Mr Punch’s Pocket Ibsen” is a compilation of condensed and witty parodies of Ibsen’s plays. The book features well-known Ibsen classics like “A Doll’s House,” “Hedda Gabler,” “Ghosts,” and more. Anstey’s goal is to entertain and amuse readers while providing a light-hearted introduction to Ibsen’s dramatic works.

Engaging Parodies

Anstey’s parodies are clever and highly entertaining. He skillfully captures the essence of each play while infusing it with humor and satire. The dialogues are witty, and the characters are amusingly exaggerated versions of their originals. Anstey’s ability to blend comedy with Ibsen’s serious themes is commendable, making this book a delight to read.

Comedic Adaptations

Each parody in “Mr Punch’s Pocket Ibsen” takes the form of a short play, focusing on the key scenes and pivotal moments of the original works. Anstey adeptly condenses the lengthy dramas into concise and humorous adaptations. The comedic timing and humorous situations created by Anstey bring a fresh perspective to Ibsen’s plays, appealing to both Ibsen enthusiasts and those looking for a light-hearted read.

The Writing Style

Anstey’s writing style is engaging and filled with wit. His prose flows smoothly, and his choice of language is both accessible and humorous. The author’s ability to maintain the essence of Ibsen’s plays while injecting his own comedic touch showcases his talent as a writer. Anstey’s style is perfect for readers who appreciate clever wordplay and enjoy a good laugh.

Satirical Social Commentary

While primarily aiming to entertain, Anstey’s parodies also offer subtle social commentary. Through his comedic lens, he addresses themes such as gender roles, societal expectations, and the human condition. By highlighting these aspects in a humorous manner, Anstey invites readers to reflect on Ibsen’s underlying messages in a more lighthearted and approachable manner.

Perfect Introduction to Ibsen

“Mr Punch’s Pocket Ibsen” serves as an excellent introduction to the works of Henrik Ibsen. Anstey’s parodies provide a gateway to the depth and brilliance of Ibsen’s original plays, making them more accessible to a wider audience. The book can spark readers’ interest and curiosity, encouraging them to explore Ibsen’s complete works further.

A Timeless Classic

Despite being originally published over a century ago, “Mr Punch’s Pocket Ibsen” remains relevant and enjoyable to this day. Anstey’s timeless humor and clever adaptations ensure that the book’s appeal transcends time and cultural barriers. The wit and satire continue to captivate readers, allowing them to appreciate both Anstey’s talent and Ibsen’s enduring legacy.


“Mr Punch’s Pocket Ibsen” is a delightful collection of parodies that successfully combines the serious themes of Henrik Ibsen’s plays with comedic elements. F. Anstey’s talent shines through in his witty adaptations, making this book a highly enjoyable read.