Profit with the Market Profile

Profit with the Market Profile

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Introduction to Profit with the Market Profile

“Trading with Market Profile” by Dr. John Keppler is a comprehensive guide to understanding and using market profile charts to make informed trading decisions. The “Profit with the Market Profile” is aimed at traders who are looking for a new approach to analyzing the markets, and it does an excellent job of providing a thorough introduction to this approach.

overview of Profit with the Market Profile

The book “Profit with the Market Profile” begins with an overview of market profile charts and how they are used to identify market trends and support and resistance levels. Dr. Keppler then goes on to explain the underlying principles of market profile analysis, including the concept of time-price opportunity and the importance of developing a trading plan based on market structure.


One of the strengths of this book is its emphasis on the practical application of market profile analysis. Throughout the book, Dr. Keppler provides numerous examples of how to use market profile charts to identify trading opportunities and manage risk. He also includes detailed case studies of actual trades, which help to illustrate the concepts he is discussing.

Another strength of this book is its clear and concise writing style. Dr. Keppler does an excellent job of explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He also includes numerous charts and diagrams to help illustrate his points, which further enhances the clarity of the text.


One potential downside of this book is that it is fairly technical in nature. Some traders may find the detailed explanations of market profile analysis to be overwhelming, especially if they are new to this approach. However, for traders who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn these techniques, the book provides a wealth of valuable information.


Overall, “Trading with Market Profile” is an excellent resource for traders who are looking to expand their knowledge of market analysis techniques. Dr. Keppler’s emphasis on practical application and clear writing style make this book a valuable addition to any trader’s library. Whether you are an experienced trader looking for a new approach to the markets, or a novice trader just starting out, this book is well worth reading.