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“River of London” is a fantastic and an interesting book written by “Ben Aaronovitch” is an interesting urban fantasy story that round the exciting world of police young officer “Peter Grant” who goes into the a supernatural world. The story of the book is based on and set against the dynamic and combined city of London. This book having organized characters, have unique magic system, fast passed plot, attractive writing style, organized themes and also the authors avoided extra jargon and complicated analytics, the above mentioned things are the main source that attracts more reader toward this book. This book have 421 total pages and published in 2011 by Gollanoz. The basic theme that the author wants to convey though his book are humor, excitement and suspense.


The story of the “River of London” revolves around Peter Grant, Metropolitan police Service, whose wife takes an uncertain and unexpected turn when he encounter a ghostly witness during a murder investigation. This meeting draws the notice of inspector Thomas Nightingale, the last well known magician of England. Peter himself on the route of becoming a trainee enchanter the first in 50 years. A peter explore more into London mystical side, he become involved into a numbers of amazing and miraculous cases. The book takes the readers on an emotional ride through an underground universe the city’s familiar streets, from exploring Zombie homes in purely to bargaining with the god and goodness of the river Thames. The main question revolves around on evil spirit who annoy and the people of London on regular basis by using ugly dolls and force them the act of murder and despair. Peter must discover and face the cause of this evil lest it promote disaster on the city and people he loves too much. As Peter performs his duties as police and trainee of magic, he face many of huge problems and complications such as expressing of magical words, rules and politics. This situation explore the level of hurdle and difficulty in story that keeps reader interested and captivated.


The book “Rivers of London” by Ben Aaronovitchs is an interesting and charming story that skillfully mix aspects of aspects of magic and police procedure. The book also keep the reader in an anxiously turnings just because of its complete structure. Once who open this book and be with it until she/he finished to read its last page.

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