Snow Falling 

Snow Falling 

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The “Snow Falling” is a lovely and historical romentic book, is written by “Jane Gloriana Villanueva”. Basically the author “Jane Gloriana Villanueva” is a papular character on TV show named as “Jane” the Virgin”. This book “Snow Falling” leads readers on an exciting trip filled with devotion, desire, and unexpected twists, set against the historical and ancient setting of 1902 Miami, a city full with energy and opportunity. As this book is intresting and heart touching and every one wants to go through it just becouse of its well developed characters, twists among story, organized plot and thems, once a reders open its innitial page, they be with this book till they reached the last and finnal page. The closinng words of the book “Snow Falling” is as fantastic as any one can emagine. The book has total 240 pages to its credit and it was published in six years back 2017 by “Simon and Schuster” and it belongs to fiction and romance by genry and category.


“Snow Falling” a book thats story is round in a circle of a young woman “Josephine Galena Valencia”, she has a big dreams and by occopation she is serving a big hotel “Regal Sol hotel” in “Miami”. She is in love with Martin Cadden, a Pinkerton Detective, the woman “Josephine Galena Valencia” is too much confidant regarding her love anf also her upcoming life. Yet, her way of life is going to change permanently when Rake Solvino, a charming and enigmatic hotel owner, returns. Rake is everyone Martin is not, rich, strong, and beautiful. He is also a dangerous man with a horrible past and an uncertain purpose. The woman “Josephine Galena Valencia” already knows that the owner of the hotel “Rake” is not suitable and loyal to her but “Josephine” still attached with him. She finds herself caught among her feelings for Martin and her feelings for Rake. As she grows closer to Rake, she begins to wonder about all she believed she learned about love, devotion, and lying. The rich and thoroughly researched ancient backgrounds is one of the book’s strengths. The Miami of 1902 comes to life, complete with railroad tycoons, stylish hotels, and a city full of goals. Villanueva creates a realistic image of this time period, engaging readers in the sights, sounds, and mood. The historical setting gives the story depth and genuineness, making it feel like a journey across time. “Snow Falling” has effective and likable characters. Josephine is a determined lady who must make challenges that test her devotion and love. Rake Solvino, the handsome and enigmatic hotel owner, is the ideal love lead, with a sense of uncertainty that keeps readers wondering.


To summarize, Jane Gloriana Villanueva’s “Snow Falling” is a beautiful and interesting historical love story that skillfully takes readers to the excited world of 1902 Miami. It is a pleasant book for fans of love and anybody seeking for a pleasant trip into the past, thanks to its well-drawn characters, engaging love story, and rich historical the background.

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