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“Submission” is a novel by Michel Houellebecq, published in 2015. The book is set in France in the near future, and depicts the rise of a Muslim political party to power in the country. The protagonist, François, is a middle-aged academic who becomes increasingly disillusioned with his life as the political situation in France becomes more and more unstable.


The primary themes of “Submission” are religion, politics, and identity. The novel explores the tensions between different cultural groups in France, and examines how these tensions are exacerbate by political upheaval. Houellebecq is known for his provocative and controversial writing style, and “Submission” is no exception. The book has been criticize by some for promoting Islamophobia, but others argue that it is a nuanced exploration of the complex relationship between religion and politics in modern Europe.


The character of François is a complex and multifaceted one. On the one hand, he is an intelligent and thoughtful academic who is deeply invest in his work. On the other hand, he is also a deeply flawed individual who is prone to depression, alcoholism, and a general sense of nihilism. Throughout the course of the book, François is force to confront his own prejudices and assumptions about Islam and Muslims. And must come to terms with the fact. That his own sense of identity is inextricably link to his country’s political and cultural history.


The plot of “Submission” is relatively straightforward, but is driven by the complex motivations and inner struggles of the characters. The book begins with François as a disaffected academic who is struggling to find meaning in his life. As the political situation in France becomes more unstable, François becomes increasingly preoccupied with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. A political party that is rapidly gaining power and influence in the country. Over the course of the novel, François becomes increasingly drawn to the idea of converting to Islam. Partly as a way of escaping his own sense of futility and meaninglessness.

Writing Style

Houellebecq’s writing style is often describe as dark, satirical, and nihilistic. “Submission” is no exception, and the book is fill with bleak. And often brutally honest descriptions of life in modern Europe. Houellebecq’s prose is spare and unadorned, and his characters are often depicte as being deeply flawed. And struggling to find meaning in a world that seems to offer little in the way of hope or possibility.


While some critics have praised “Submission” for its incisive and thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between religion and politics in modern Europe. Others have criticized the book for promoting Islamophobia and xenophobia. Some have accuse Houellebecq of playing into the fears and anxieties of Europeans. Who are worry about the impact of Muslim immigration on their societies. While others have argue that the book is a complex. And nuance exploration of these issues that should be read with an open mind.


Overall, “Submission” is a challenging and thought-provoking book that will likely provoke strong reactions from readers. While its themes and subject matter are controversial, Houellebecq’s prose is spare. And unadorned, and his characters are complex and multifaceted. Whether one agrees with the book’s central thesis or not, “Submission” is an important and timely work. That deserves to be read and discuss.