The Chinese Classics

The Chinese Classics

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“The Chinese Classics” by James Legge is a comprehensive and invaluable collection of translations of the foundational texts of Chinese culture. Legge, a renowned sinologist of the 19th century, provides readers with a scholarly and accessible rendition of the Chinese classics, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Meticulous Translation and Commentary

Legge’s translations are known for their meticulousness and attention to detail. He brings to life the profound wisdom and cultural richness contained within the Chinese classics. His translations capture the essence of the original texts, making them intelligible to readers unfamiliar with Chinese language and culture. Additionally, Legge’s insightful commentary provides invaluable context and interpretation, enhancing the reader’s understanding of the texts.

Comprehensive Coverage

“The Chinese Classics” covers a broad range of texts, including both “The five Ching” and “The four Shu.” Legge’s selection includes major works such as the “Book of Changes” (I Ching), “Book of History” (Shujing), “Book of Rites” (Liji), “Book of Odes” (Shijing), and “Book of Spring and Autumn Annals” (Chunqiu). This comprehensive collection offers readers a holistic understanding of the Chinese classics and their cultural significance.

Preservation of Traditional Values

Legge’s translation work plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting traditional Chinese values. By making these texts accessible to an English-speaking audience, Legge helps bridge the cultural divide and fosters cross-cultural understanding. Readers can delve into the ethical teachings, moral values, and philosophical insights that have shaped Chinese society for centuries.

Scholarly Rigor and Historical Accuracy

Legge’s translations are highly regard for their scholarly rigor and historical accuracy. He draws upon extensive research, linguistic expertise, and a deep understanding of Chinese history and philosophy. His meticulous approach ensures that the translated texts faithfully represent the original intent of the ancient authors, offering readers an authentic experience.

Influence on Western Sinology

Legge’s translation of “The Chinese Classics” has had a profound impact on Western sinology. His works opened the door for the Western world to engage with Chinese philosophy, history, and literature. Legge’s translations laid the foundation for future sinologists, inspiring generations of scholars to study and interpret Chinese texts. His work remains highly regarded and continues to be reference by contemporary researchers.

Cultural and Intellectual Significance

“The Chinese Classics” holds immense cultural and intellectual significance, both within China and globally. Legge’s translations provide a window into the minds of ancient Chinese thinkers, revealing their insights into human nature, society, governance, and spirituality. The timeless wisdom contained in these texts transcends boundaries and offers valuable lessons for contemporary readers.


“The Chinese Classics” by James Legge is an indispensable resource for anyone interest in understanding the foundational texts of Chinese culture. Legge’s meticulous translations, accompanied by insightful commentary, offer readers a gateway to the rich philosophical and historical traditions of China. His work not only preserves the wisdom of the Chinese classics but also fosters cultural exchange and deepens our appreciation for the shared humanity across civilizations. James Legge’s translation of “The Chinese Classics” stands as a monumental contribution to the field of sinology and a testament to the enduring relevance of these ancient texts.