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The Choice is about the writer’s experience of the Nazis and her road to recovery and compassion. Eger was just sixteen years old when she was deported to Auschwitz, where she faced unspeakable horrors, including having to to perform dances for the evil Josef Mengele. Eger struggled with flashbacks and survivor’s guilt after the war, but she ultimately found the power to forgive herself and humanity. Eger shares her views on how to overcome trauma and live a full and valuable life in her book. She contends that we all have an option: either we let our past define us or we choose to carry on and build a new future. The Choice is a touching and uplifting novel that provides readers with an insightful look at our shared human character and its potential for perseverance. It is a must-read for anybody who has suffered trauma or is striving to find significance in their lives.

Edith Eger (Author)

Eger was born in 1927 in Koice, Czechoslovakia. She went to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp with her family in 1944, when she was 16 years old. Both of her parents were gassed to death, but she and her sister lived. Eger returned to the United States after the war and got a PhD in psychology from the University of Texas at El Paso. Eger maintains his own business in La Jolla, California, and teaches at the University of California, San Diego. She is a desired lecturer and session facilitator, and her expertise has been broadcast on Oprah, CNN, and NPR. Edith Eva Eger is a victim of the Holocaust and Slovak-born American psychologist who works in the treatment of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She is the bestselling author of The Choice: Embrace the Possibility (2017) and The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life (2020). she recived the following awards which are as: (2018) Audie Award for Business/Personal Development, 2018 Nautilus Book Award, 2018 Independent Publishers Book Award for Memoir and also 2017 Amazon Book of the Year to her credit.


“The Choice” is a significant and uplifting biography written by Holocaust survivor Edith Eger. The book recounts Eger’s ordeal as a young woman in Nazi-occupied Hungary, her detention in Auschwitz and other death camps, and her subsequent path toward recovery and compassion. The novel also demonstrates the power of the human spirit, as well as the perseverance and bravery that people can find even in the most difficult of conditions.


The story begins in Hungary, where Eger grew up as the smallest of three sisters in a close-knit Jewish household. Following the Nazi invasion of Hungary, the Eger family was forced to relocate to a ghetto before being deported to Auschwitz. Eger and her sister survived the camp by working as slave laborers, but their parents were executed in the gas room. Following the war, Eger relocated to the United States and worked as a psychologist. The second half of the book is devoted to Eger’s work as a therapist and her attempts to assist others in healing from trauma and finding purpose in their lives. Eger offers insights into the situation based on what she has learned as a victim.

The Choice: Key Themes

The film The Choice delves into several issues, including trauma, healing, reconciliation, and courage. One of the book’s primary topics is the power of choice. Eger contends that we always have the ability to pick how we respond, even in the most challenging and painful situations. “We cannot choose to prevent the inevitable,” she adds, “but we can choose how to deal with it. In addition, Eger highlights the significance of forgiveness in the healing process. She contends that forgiveness does not imply endorsing or justifying others’ misdeeds. about liberating oneself from the load of hatred and resentment. “Forgiveness,” writes Eger, “means not disregarding, but letting go of the hurt and rage that continue to hold us prisoner. The book’s other major theme is the strength of the human being. With the terrible events she witnessed in the concentration camps, Eger never lost hope or her faith in the underlying goodness of people. She claims that “our attitude is greater than our surroundings.”


Eger’s ability to weave together is one of The Choice’s strengths. Her personal narrative, as told through the lens of her job as a therapist. Eger offers insights into the healing process by drawing on a wide range of mental theories and practices. He demonstrates how people may find a purpose and significance in their life even after facing trauma. Eger’s experience is vividly described in the book, which is also well-written. A strong feeling of empathy and sympathy for others. Eger’s writing is poetic as well as accurate. She has an uncanny ability to capture the complexities associated with human feelings and experiences. The theme of optimism and perseverance is perhaps The Choice’s greatest strength. Regardless of the sorrow and loss that Eger endured. She never lost hope or her faith in the power of human beings. “Our spirit is bigger than our conditions,” she writes. The book provides evidence to the strength of that attitude.


Finally, The Choice is a moving and uplifting memoir. This elucidates one’s ability for resilience, healing, and forgiving. Eger’s life story exemplifies the power of independence and the universal human spirit. Her therapeutic insights are both practical and profound. Anyone interested in the healing process should read this book. A powerful reminder of the inner resilience and endurance that we all possess.