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Maggie Stiefvaters famous book named as “The Raven Boys” express the world of teenage love and affection,a folk legends and also supernatural forces. This books has 454 pages to its credit and published by one of the well known publication company “Scholastic” in 2012. The book “Ravev Boys” explore the love, the power of love and also how to control powers as well as selfconfedence.Though its well developed characters, attractive plot and intresting writing writing writing style, it attract every book love towards itself. After all once a readers open the first page of the book, they do not closed it till read its last page. The book “The Raven Boys” has three main characters, Blue Sargent, Gansey and the Raven Boys.


“Blue Sargent” is a 16 years old girl, she has been in belief that if any where or any moment she find her true love and than kiss him, according to her perception he will die. When ever she thinks of these ideas, she must afraid. On the other hand she never knows that one day her perception and myth come true. So, one day Blue meet Ganseys spirit on the corpse road, Blue thinks that why Gansey,s spirit road? She thought that either he is her true love? Or she has killed him? To determined the true love, Blue think to join the group of ” Raven Boys”. “Raven Boys” are the group of four boys and privileged students from Aglionby Academy. The basic aims of these four boys is to searching for Glendower, a legendary and brave king. Than Blue,s understanding is that if she can help the Riven Boys, than she found her truth regarding Glendowers death. After all, Blue share her emotions about love infront of Raven Boys, the Raven Boys did not accept her emotions and they try to elaborate the love according th there point of views and fellings, so there is a huge conflicts about once thoughts towards love in this book that every one can define the love and affection according to their own fellings and experiences.The journey of Blue is not so simple, it is full of hurdles and adventures. She face many of uncertain conditions, face her fear, during this journey she learnt the lession of control the powers and make difficulties choices. At the end she discovers and meet the result that love is stronger than death.


The Book “Raven Boys” is a dark and romentic story about love, affection, loss and the power of human spirit.The book has been known for its complex characters, well manageable plots and well setteled writing style.After reading this book, i realized that human has a natural powers, some times they come out and act like what a human had though, so we have not under estimate these hidden powers of human beings. In this book the author creats a magical world, that has bound to stayed every of reader to come foeward, open the page, start to read till finished it.

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