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The famous book named as “The Stanger” is written by of the renewed author “Albert Comus” that explore the philosophical themes illegal manner and actions, Dissatisfactions and meaninglessness of life. The book is initially published in 1942, continuous to be an inspiring investigation of human conditions and emotional removed character “Muersault”. The main character “Muersault” Meursault does not believe in God or any higher meaning to life. The new American translation of this book into its original language and style makes this book catchier for the readers. The book is published by “vintage International” in the year of 1989 and it has 123 pages to its credit. The story lines, authors’ research, complex and critical characters, in-depth themes and less usage of unnecessary jargons by author make this book more attractive to the viewers.


“The Stranger” introduce us to “Meursault” a normal and clearly French Algerian resident in Algiers. This book is open with the death of his mother. He is not more emotional and sad from the beginning in a tragedy like this. He attend his mother’s funeral with a totally different attitude and manner, that act of “Muersault” disturb his brother and all the other peoples around him. When “Meursault” killed a Arab without any sort of reason, at that time he does feel any shy any guilt, because he has no any feelings and emotion to humans like him. At his trail he continuous shows his unhuman actions, he refuses to pretend to be sorry for his illegal and unhuman action. Also he does not appeal for mercy, simply he admit his evil what he done. Throughout the story “Muersault” show his detachment from the world, according to his mindset the life is meaningless and avoid to find meaning and significance in the word. He prefer the live in the present moment free from commitments and emotions. His only interaction especially sexual bounding with his friend “Marie” and his friend “Raymond”. The trail of “Muersault” represent that society’s struggle to impose meanings and orders, as well as manners, emotional attachments, social bounding, strong relationships, discipline and cultural norms, balance of power, and equality. On the other side “Muersault” is living in his own world and way of life. He reject the religion, morality and social norms.


“The Stranger” is a powerful and in-depth book, that try to show what is right and what is wrong in the society in which as a human beings we use to live. The books introduce a character “Muersault” for the sake of showing that life is no meaningless but it has many disciplines and orders. As a human beings it’s our primary duty that we adopt only those norms, values and ethics that are acceptable for everyone in the society and the big lesson that this book teach is we have to distinguish among the right and wrong doings. In this book the author research, jargons, writing style, themes, character and plot all things are well develop and well organized, that makes this book more attractive for the readers.

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