The Trigger : The Lie That Changed The World

The Trigger : The Lie That Changed The World

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One of the most controversial book named as “The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World” authored by one of the most controversial author “David Lcke” is about the 9/11 incident and the author is known for his unusual and baseless theories. The author of this book present his own point of view and thoughts about the sounding circumstances of that unpredictable incident of September 11. Many of the peoples have serious concerns about the arguments and theories of “David Lcke” but on the other side his fallowers admit that the presented ideas by “David Lcke” in his book are accurate and authentic. Among all these scenarios once have open mind and critical eyes to examine this book.


The story of the book “The Trigger: The Lie That Changed The World” starts with the controversial theories and points of the author “David Lcke” that he question on the narrative and statement make by Government officials and also the investigations about this massive incidents, he personally race a points that who is responsible for this attack, why security is not alert and why this brutal attack happened. David claims that the official version and mainstream Medias analysis cannot be trusted because they hide the actual scenario, and they do not tell the people about actual story. The book presents a number of controversial points regarding the incident and the author state that September 11 attack were not made by al Qaeda but the powerful individuals of government planed this to be happened. He is in his own views that the attack is used as a justification for the war on terror which result in many geopolitical implications, such as invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. So he relies on many documents and verity of sources to back up his allegation but many of them are suspect by mainstream standards.


“The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World” is consider as a controversial book as the author presents the scenario in a different ways, so the after the publication of this book many of peoples are confused about the tragic incident of September 11 and on the other side so many individuals have open and shut concern that the author tells a big lie in his book, but the author David is still stay with his statements. So after all there needs to be open mind and critical eyes for go through this book.

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