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The True Story Book

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The True Story Book by The True Story Book is one of the famous story book. Andrew Lang, the Scottish author and literary critic, is known for his popular collections of fairy tales from around the world. However, in The True Story Book, Lang departs from the realm of fantasy and presents a collection of true stories about real people and their adventures. Published in 1893, the book consists of a series of historical and biographical narratives, ranging from the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortés to the exploits of Prince Charlie during the Jacobite uprising in Scotland.

Content and Themes

The True Story Book is a diverse and eclectic collection of stories, covering a wide range of topics and themes. Some of the stories are based on historical events, such as the conquest of Mexico, the siege of Vienna, and the adventures of Marco Polo in the court of Kublai Khan. Others are biographical in nature, focusing on the lives of notable figures like Prince Charlie, Joan of Arc, and Benjamin Franklin.

Despite the variety of subjects, several themes emerge throughout the book. One is the idea of adventure and exploration, as many of the stories involve journeys to distant lands. Encounters with unfamiliar cultures, and daring feats of courage and endurance. Another is the theme of heroism, as the book celebrates the bravery and ingenuity of individuals who faced great challenges. And overcame them through their own strength of character.

However, the book also acknowledges the darker side of human nature. As some of the stories deal with betrayal, greed, and violence. The conquest of Mexico, for example, is a story of ruthless ambition and exploitation. While the story of Joan of Arc highlights the cruelty and injustice of religious persecution.

Style and Structure

The True Story Book is written in Lang’s characteristic style, which is characterized by a lively and engaging narrative voice. Lang employs a variety of storytelling techniques, including vivid descriptions, dialogue, and suspenseful pacing, to bring the stories to life. He also includes occasional asides and comments, which add a personal and humorous touch to the book.

The book is organize into chapters, each of which focuses on a particular story or group of stories. Lang provides introductions to each chapter, in which he offers some background information and context for the stories that follow. He also includes footnotes throughout the book, which provide additional details and explanations for unfamiliar terms or concepts.

Audience and Reception

The True Story Book was intend for a young audience, and Lang’s engaging style and lively storytelling are well-suit to capture the attention and imagination of children. The book was generally well-receive by critics and readers, who appreciated its blend of history, adventure, and biography.

However, some reviewers criticized the book for its lack of clear educational value. Arguing that the stories were too entertaining and engaging to serve as effective teaching tools. Others objected to the book’s emphasis on European and American history. That it ignored the contributions and experiences of other cultures and societies.


The True Story Book is a charming and entertaining collection of true stories. Which offers a glimpse into the lives of real people and their adventures. While it may not have the same magical elements as Lang’s fairy tale collections. It offers a different kind of appeal, one that celebrates the courage, ingenuity, and resilience of human beings. Although the book is over a century old, it remains a valuable and enjoyable read for children and adults alike.