The Weight Of Blood

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Tiffany D. Jackson’s “Maddy Did It.” Within the context of a thrilling story, the book looks into topics of race, identity, and social issues. Madison Washington (Maddy) navigates a difficult atmosphere in her small-town Georgian high school. Because of her father’s insistence, she has been appearing as white and has endured bullying and harassment. However, when a viral abuse video exposes the school’s discriminatory history, the idea of organizing the school’s first mixed prom to encourage unity is born. Maddy struggles with her sense of self and whether she can live everyday as she takes part in the event’s organizing. Even this, her classmates’ beliefs and antagonism continue to have an affect on her. In the midst of all of this, Maddy is hiding a huge secret that might have disastrous effects for everyone concerned. As it examines Maddy’s path of discovery of oneself and the problems she experiences in her town, the novel appears to mix suspense, political satire, and psychological themes. The book appears to address crucial issues such as racism, identity, and the affect of historical legacy on the present.

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