The Worlds Worst Assistant

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Sona Movsesian’s “The World’s Worst Assistant” is a funny and provocative guide that leads readers on a wild ride into the art of being a completely bad yet strangely unfireable employee. This book promises hilarious anecdotes, laugh-out-loud humour, and a hefty dish of comedy pandemonium that will have you in staples, with a foreword from the renowned Conan O’Brien himself. Sona Movsesian, Conan’s claimed longtime assistant and show cohost, gives a course in the fine art of office hijinks. Sona’s voice is as bright and unique as her unusual approach to job performance from the opening pages. It becomes clear to readers as they read her confessions about sneaking edibles into her meal and artfully sleeping on her boss’s couch. The book is a creative blend of hilarious stories, pithy how-to guides, and superbly crafted black-and-white graphics and cartoons. The chapters address a wide range of issues that are both ludicrous and relevant. Sona’s advise is both absurd and weirdly tempting, whether it’s mastering the art of the clandestine office nap or discreetly watching TV at your desk. With each page turn, another layer of her unorthodox knowledge is revealed, inspiring readers to embrace their inner mischievous employee. What actually separates “The World’s Worst Assistant” is its uncompromising honesty. Sona unabashedly reveals personal experiences from her twelve-year career as Conan O’Brien’s assistant, merging charming closeness with funny professional dysfunction. These stories add a true warmth to the story’s flow, and her relationship with Conan shines through. Sona’s journey from positive, detail-oriented assistant to declared “worst in history” is one that will appeal with anybody who has ever felt tempted to test the boundaries of traditional professionalism. Readers will find themselves chuckling at the familiar gaffes, nodding knowingly at the unconventional remedies, and secretly wondering if they, too, could get away with sleeping during work hours. This book is full of laughter which you’ll want to share with everyone. It’s for anyone who loves genuine humour and recognizes the beneficial importance of accepting life’s oddities, not simply the young professional searching for a creative getaway from their daily work routine. In the field of funny fantasy, “The World’s Worst Assistant” is a true gem. Sona Movsesian’s writing style is refreshingly real, providing a refreshing break from traditional job guidance. This book provides exactly what it claims – irresistible fun – with its fascinating combination of bizarre how-tos, relevant stories, and individual recollections. Whether you’re a Conan O’Brien fan or just someone who enjoys a good chuckle, Sona’s professional follies will definitely tickle your funny bone and have you waiting for her next amusing excursion.

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