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Julia Donaldson’s intresting book named as “Tiddler: The Story-Telling Fish” is a wonderful underwater journey that captures the hearts and imaginations of young readers. This book is a must-have for any child’s library, thanks to Axel Scheffler’s colorful drawings and funny text. In this charming tale, the collaborative creativity behind famous classics such as “The Gruffalo” and “Stick Man” emerges once more. At the heart of “Tiddler” is a fishy figure named Tiddler, who appears to have a talent for concocting incredible tales. Tiddler’s fiction, however, do not remain confined to the pages of this book; they become a part of his everyday existence. Tiddler’s adventures in being late for school are followed by elaborate stories that never fail to entertain his instructor and classmates. Tiddler’s creativity knows no limitations, thanks to a treasure vault of excuses that includes encounters with mermaids and underwater traffic jams. These ingenious reasoning not only act as a running humor throughout the novel, but they also demonstrate the power of storytelling as a source of connection and enjoyment. Tiddler’s love of storytelling leads him on an unexpected excursion one day. Tiddler gets dragged away from his school and friends after being caught in a fisherman’s net. His genuine trip begins here, with an incredible swim back home. Tiddler, armed with the art of storytelling, uses his imagination to construct a trail of stories, each one bringing him closer to his under school. The repetition of these stories, paired with the bright visuals, creates a fun and evolving way to read. Axel Scheffler’s pictures are a visual feast. His undersea universe is vibrant in color, texture, and depth. Every page is an eye feast, packed with details that will interest young readers. The characters, from the little fish to the aquatic monsters he meets, are brought to life with charm and humor. Julia Donaldson’s text is seamlessly complemented by the images, making each page flip a delightful journey into the deep blue water. What distinguishes “Tiddler” is its appreciation of narrative as a mode of navigation and connection. Young readers are introduced to the enchantment of invention and the power of tales through Tiddler’s experiences. The book encourages youngsters to embrace their imagination, promoting a lifelong love of storytelling. Furthermore, Tiddler’s stories are repeated, which offers a soothing rhythm that interests early readers and helps them to predict and participate in the story as it unfolds. In besides being entertaining, “Tiddler” teaches a crucial lesson about honesty. Tiddler’s proclivity for inventing stories eventually teaches him the value of telling the truth. This component of the story serves as an inconspicuous signal to children about the repercussions of lying, adding to the educational value of the entire work. “Tiddler: The Story-Telling Fish” is a fascinating aquatic adventure that combines the storytelling prowess of Julia Donaldson and the creative brilliance of Axel Scheffler. This book is a gem that both children and adults will love reading time and again, thanks to its fascinating storyline, bright images, and study of the enchanting world of storytelling. “Tiddler” captures the essence of childlike creativity and inquisitiveness while teaching important life lessons—a rare jewel in the world of children’s books.

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