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“True Biz” by Sara Novic, transports readers into an immersive universe, capturing the complexities of life at the River Valley School for the Deaf, where seismic events in personal, romantic, and political areas weave a tapestry of highly felt experiences. Novic creates a story that is a monument to the power of human connection through lively characters, emotional storytelling, and a compelling exploration of identity and activism. Set within the backdrop of a deaf boarding institution, the story exposes us to a diverse group of characters, each dealing with their own set of problems. Charlie, a transfer student, epitomizes defiance and curiosity, offering an angle to the deaf world that he has never encountered before. Austin, the school’s golden child, faces a new reality when his baby sister is born hearing, leading him to reconsider his own status in the Deaf community. February, the school’s hearing headmistress and a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), navigates the complications of her duties as an educator and a wife while trying to safeguard the school’s future. Novic’s prose is a work of art, perfectly blending vivid details and real feelings. Readers become witness to the hardships experienced by the Deaf community as they dive into the lives of these characters, from the struggle for autonomy over their bodies to the fight for their rights and role in society. The author dives deeply into concepts of communication, representation, and language power, emphasizing the importance of sign language and lip-reading in promoting connection and understanding. The novel’s strength is in depicting the interdependence of personal and political problems. Novic skillfully ties together the experiences of the individuals, demonstrating how their lives are intertwined and how their unique stories contribute to a greater narrative. During the book, Novic focuses on the resiliency of the Deaf community, skillfully using the school as a miniature to address bigger societal challenges. Her representation is both authentic and respectful, providing readers with insight into a society that is frequently disregarded or misunderstood. She dispels prejudices and highlights the community’s diversity by presenting Deaf characters as fully developed individuals. The film “True Biz” celebrates individuality, connection, and the search of justice. Novic’s deft narrative keeps readers captivated and emotionally invested from beginning to end. The novel’s examination of first love, sorrow, and the quest of happiness is universal, yet its dedication to displaying the Deaf experience adds depth and individuality.”True Biz” stands out as a great example of inclusivity and empathy in a literary field that sometimes lacks representation of underprivileged communities. Novic’s superb narrative not only promotes awareness of the Deaf community’s issues, but also invites readers to consider their own relationships, values, and obligations. This novel is a work of art, providing a riveting and informative journey into the lives of its characters as well as a greater grasp of the human experience.

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