Uncle Wiggilys Travels

Uncle Wiggery’s Travels

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Introduction of Uncle Wiggery’s Travels

“Uncle Wiggery’s Travels” is a delightful children’s book written by Howard R. Garis. Published in 1922, it takes young readers on an exciting journey through the imaginative world of Uncle Wiggily Longears, a lovable rabbit with a knack for adventure. In this book review, we will explore the key elements of the story, the author’s writing style, and the overall appeal of this classic tale.

Captivating Characters in Uncle Wiggery’s Travels

Garis introduces readers to a charming cast of characters in “Uncle Wiggily’s Travels.” From the kind-hearted and wise Uncle Wiggily to his playful and mischievous nephews, Sammie and Susie Littletail, each character adds depth and excitement to the narrative. The author expertly crafts their personalities, making them relatable and endearing to young readers.

Engaging Storyline

The book follows Uncle Wiggily as he embarks on a series of adventures, traveling from one location to another. Garis weaves an engaging narrative, presenting various challenges and obstacles for Uncle Wiggily to overcome. Whether he’s solving a mystery or helping a fellow animal in need, each chapter offers a unique and exciting storyline that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages.

Imaginative Settings

One of the highlights of “Uncle Wiggily’s Travels” is the vivid and imaginative settings portrayed throughout the book. Garis paints a vibrant picture of the animal world, complete with magical forests, hidden caves, and bustling towns. The author’s descriptive language brings these locations to life, allowing readers to immerse themselves in Uncle Wiggily’s enchanting travels.

Moral Lessons

Beneath the surface of each adventure lies a valuable lesson for young readers. Garis uses Uncle Wiggily’s experiences to impart important morals, such as the virtues of kindness, courage, and perseverance. Through his interactions with other animal characters, Uncle Wiggily teaches children the importance of empathy and compassion, making “Uncle Wiggily’s Travels” not only an entertaining read but also an educational one.

Lively Dialogue

Garis’s writing style shines through the lively and engaging dialogue between the characters. The conversations are filled with humor, warmth, and a touch of whimsy, capturing the essence of each character’s unique voice. The author’s ability to create distinct dialogues adds depth to the storytelling, making the interactions between characters enjoyable and memorable.

Timeless Appeal

Despite being published almost a century ago, “Uncle Wiggily’s Travels” has maintained its timeless appeal. The book’s themes of friendship, adventure, and the triumph of good over evil resonate with young readers even today. Garis’s storytelling transcends generations, allowing children of all ages to appreciate the timeless charm of Uncle Wiggily’s whimsical world.


The original illustrations by Lang Campbell complement Garis’s storytelling, adding visual charm to the book. The detailed and whimsical artwork brings the animal characters to life, enhancing the overall reading experience. The illustrations perfectly capture the essence of each scene, helping young readers visualize Uncle Wiggily’s adventures and making the book even more engaging.


“Uncle Wiggily’s Travels” by Howard R. Garis is a delightful children’s book that continues to captivate young readers with its engaging storytelling, lovable characters, and valuable life lessons. Garis’s imaginative world, combined with lively dialogue and charming illustrations, creates a timeless tale that has stood the test of time. Whether it’s the thrill of adventure or the warmth of friendship.