War Storm Red Queen Book 4

War Storm : Red Queen Book 4

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War Storm
By Victoria Aveyard


War Storm is one of the best works of Victoria Aveyard. It is an epic conclusion to the book series “Red Queen”, which is one of the author’s best-selling book series of her career. The genre of the book series come under “fantasy novel” and it was highly rated by both the readers as well as the critics. The book series is based on the main character called “Mare Barrow” and her epic journey from being a commoner to rising through the esteemed ranks of political power structure which is also full of thorns of betrayal, scheming and game for the thrones of power and control.


The books plot consists of two groups of powerhouses named Silvers and Reds and they are different because of the color of their blood. The Silvers are those with silver blood color and they possess super-natural powers which makes them God-like creatures in the realms of common men which are called the Reds. The Silvers use their power gap advantages to rule over the Reds, oppressing them and taking control through fear and blood. The main character of the book “Mare Barrow” is a born in the oppressed family of the Reds, who are meant to serve the Silvers all their lives. In this storyline, Mare finds herself playing with gambling and stealing for a higher purpose which was to free her childhood friend and a captive of the Silvers “Kilorn” but through the turn of events she finds out she has supernatural powers, just like the Silvers and the story gets interesting from there. Now she has some phenomenal new-found powers and being a powerless Red all her life, she is onto a journey that will be exciting and thrilling but also full of tragedies and thorns laid out in her path by those who want to see her fall. Along with Kilorn and other friends, Mare is set on a voyage to find others like her who are born Red but also have super natural powers like the Silvers and these are called Newbloods. Mare makes it her life objective to find those and fight to free the Reds as well as the Newbloods from the tyranny and slavery of the Silvers but her mission is not that simple. She has to go through immense hardships, dangers and betrayals in her road to fulfill her destiny. The writer captures the essence of power, its ability to corrupt people and the human instinct to seek more once they get a taste of it. Victoria Aveyard has made War Storm the final battleground of her legendary series where the opposite sides will fight to the very end with one side looking to keep their power and control intact while the other giving it all to set themselves free from the oppression and lowlife sufferings. Mare has to learn that people are not purely evil or good but human nature has the tendency for both. Even those portrayed as evil villains by the society can have merciful souls and sometimes the “good people” have the tendency to burn the world.


Overall, the book War Storm is a magical/ political thriller which keeps its audience on the edges of their seats as they look to enjoy a world constructed by Victoria Aveyard which is full of suspense, surprise, betrayal and strange phenomena that is hard to get at times. For those who enjoy Sci-fi, fiction and fantasy novels, War Storm is a must-read. It will introduce you to a world that quite resembles the legendary fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin with its politics, power games and magical worlds.

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