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“Beandon Sandersons” intresting book “Warbreakers” is an intresting book that manages the readers with his creative writing and story telling. In this book where the politics, religion and BioChromatic interact each others and create a beautiful story. There are basically four characters, those are Vivenna, Siri, Lightsong, and Vasher, all these characters are well developed and complex. As the story of this book “Warbreakers” is well placed and the ending point of this book is very much satisfying. The book has total 672 pages and is published by “Gollancz” in the year 2011, also the genre and category of the book is fantacy. The book gives the lesson of love, sacrification and struggle, that had a huge impects on the lives of every readers.


In the book “Warbreakers” the story is centers arround two sisters and they are from the nation of “Idris”. Siri is sent to get married to the enigmatic God King of Hallandren as part of a political pact,while Vivenna is on a mission to save her sister from what she considers to be a terrible outcome. Sanderson’s book supernatural power system taht is based based on BioChromatic Breath, which is one of the most amazing and unique parts of “Warbreaker.” Breath is a type of life force that may be passed from person to person, giving powers and increasing life. Breath as a physical form for strength is both creative and exciting, and it acts as the conceptual center that connects the story altogether. Another important aspects of “Warbreaker” is Sanderson’s evolution as a character. Siri and Vivenna are not your average queens; as they face the hurdles of their new the world in Hallandren, they experience significant changes. . Siri, in particular, grows from a shy and little young woman to a brave and strong heroine who challenges desires. As she struggles with her emotions responsibilities and belonging, Vivenna’s character path is equally engaging. In this book “Warbreakers” we saw that The conflict among the Idrisian spirituality, which condemns the use of Breath, and the Hallandren belief, which worships the Spent (those who return to life as gods), develops the creation of the universe and acts as a background for the protagonists’ inner journeys. “Warbreaker” has a beautifully created setting, as do many of Sanderson’s books. With its colorful streets, majestic mansions, and sophisticated political actions, Hallandren comes to life. The idea of T’Telir, an enchanted the town where each structure is made of living elements and filled with Breath, is especially attractive.


Finally, “Warbreaker” shows Brandon Sanderson’s mastery of the fanciful category. It is a must-read for both ongoing fans of the book and beginners alike, thanks to its unique magical structure, established characters, interesting topics, and involving creating a world. Sanderson’s ability to construct interacting other worlds and tell interesting story inside them shows through, giving “Warbreaker” a breath of fresh air in the field of literary fantasy.

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